Guidance establishes and maintains a safe and inclusive school culture that recognises and celebrates diversity.
Working with students/families/whānau/caregivers:

The guidance area is a resource for students and families/whānau/caregivers, offering both individual and group counselling/support. This work aims to ensure the best educational and social outcomes for our students.

Guidance Support:

The guidance counsellors work closely with deans, teachers, and administrators with pastoral duties to establish a safe and inclusive climate in the school, free of intolerance, harassment, and bullying. Where appropriate the guidance team work collaboratively with staff to provide a wraparound service which aims to support students throughout their time at New Plymouth Boys High School. 

Our trained counsellors can provide:
  • A professional and confidential counselling service for students/families/whānau/caregivers.
  • Support to families/whānau in times of crisis.
  • Information about adolescent development, acknowledging the tensions, challenges, and rewards of living with teenagers.
  • Referrals to outside agencies and community-based counselling services.

The guidance counsellors are always ready to listen if you have any issues or concerns.
Our trained Guidance Counsellors
Mrs Sarah Darke

Head of Department - Guidance Counsellor


Mr Teo Armes

Guidance Counsellor

Mr Greg Davis

Guidance Counsellor

Mrs Shelley Somers

Guidance Counsellor

Mrs Kylie Ashcroft

Transition Administrator


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