Badminton is a sport typically played during Terms 2 and 3, which fall in the winter season.

Our school fields a team consisting of both junior and senior students to participate in the Taranaki Secondary Schools Championships.

The Super 8 tournament features the top six students from our school, who represent us in the inter-school competition. Entry to the National Championships is contingent on the performance and motivation of these top six players.

Teacher in charge: Mr Jonathon Flynn

Competition and Teams:  The school selects a team for the Taranaki Secondary School event and the Super 8 in Term 2.

Training: Practice sessions and trials take place early Term 2. Those selected for Super 8 will practice together in the weeks prior to this competition, mostly during the sports and cultural practice (SCP) period. Most top players select to train with Taranaki Badminton and play in their tournaments.

Uniform and Equipment: Students will be provided with a school shirt to compete in competitions and they will need to provide their own racket.

Cost: Subs vary from year to year, and there is a cost for trips away.